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Division of Community Development

Special District Accountability Program

Official List of Special Districts Online

Special Districts Currently Inactive

Section 189.062, Florida Statutes, provides a process by which the Department must declare a special district inactive under certain circumstances. After the department declares a special district inactive, the department must provide notice to the entity that created the special district that the special district has been declared inactive. The creation entity must then dissolve the inactive special district. The inactive special districts listed in this report have been declared inactive by the department and notice has been provided to the creation entity. However, the entity that created the special district has not yet dissolved it.

Total Inactive Special Districts: 2

Emerald Coast Bridge Authority
  • Date Declared Inactive: March 17, 2017
  • Enabling Law(s) to be Repealed: Chapters 90-412; 2001-346, Laws of Florida
  • County(ies): Okaloosa
  • Status: Dependent
  • Date Created / Established: July 6, 1990
  • Statutory Authority: Section 189.031, Florida Statutes
  • Local Governing Authority: Okaloosa County
  • Govering Body: Appointed
  • Bond Authority: Yes
Sunny Isles Reclamation and Water Control Board
  • Date Declared Inactive: December 3, 2010
  • Enabling Law(s) to be Repealed: Circuit Court Decree of the 11th Judicial Circuit 66C-7402
  • County(ies): Broward, Miami-Dade
  • Status: Independent
  • Date Created / Established: August 29, 1966
  • Statutory Authority: Chapter 298, Florida Statutes
  • Local Governing Authority: Broward, Miami-Dade
  • Govering Body: Elected
  • Bond Authority: Yes